About LES India


The Licensing Executives Society India (LES India) is primarily a non-profit association comprising of individuals interested in all aspects of the transfer of technology and Intellectual Property rights. It endeavors to have a balance of lawyers and non-lawyers, who belong to a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of interests including business, academic, legal and other interests. On satisfying the qualifications set out by the LES International, LES India was in June, 2003 formally integrated into the LES International world-wide family which comprises of 30 National and Regional societies, representing over 60 countries and 10,000 executives.


LES India is a non-profit association comprised of professionals engaged in the transfer, use, development, manufacture and marketing of technology and Intellectual Property. The membership covers a wide range of professionals, including business executives, lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, patent agents, licensing consultants, engineers, academicians, scientists and representatives of government. Membership is on an individual basis and is not transferable. Many major companies, professional firms, and universities are represented within the Association